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The New Futures School Child Development and Parenting Center provides culturally sensitive parenting education and developmentally appropriate childcare to pregnant and parenting students attending New Futures School.  Children two weeks to three years are eligible to attend the child development and parenting center during the school year. In collaboration with family and community, New Futures provides a network of onsite resources to assist student success.

A child receives care that is individualized and the care of children in a group is child-centered so that children can learn at their own pace.

  • A child’s needs are met promptly and consistently to promote a sense of trust that leads to positive social and emotional development.
  • A child participates in a developmentally appropriate curriculum that includes activities based on a child’s interests, physical and cognitive abilities.
  • A child’s care occurs in a safe and healthy learning environment because caregivers follow prescribed licensing and best practice regulations.


We offer an on-site four-star childcare facility so that students may be available and responsive to their children while simultaneously engaged in their own education. NFS strives to help support teenage parents and strives for quality childcare for the babies.  The babies range in age from 2 weeks to 3 years.

Our childcare facility provides an educational environment where students intensively study child development theory and are able to record and observe the developmental milestones of their own children. 

Students are able to feed their babies on demand in class, share meals with their children, and have structured time for quality interactions that promote relationship building.

Aim High Quality Assurance

New Mexico has a quality assurance program, Aim High, which rates child care programs through the NM Children, Youth, and Families Department.  NFS childcare is rated a four-star program which means the babies here attend a high-quality program. 

NFS, as other childcare centers do, have regular “verification visits” from Aim High where professionals visit some of the classrooms to observe: 

  • interaction staff have with the babies
  • physical setup in the room
  • toys available to the children
  • binders with staff observations of the individual child used by staff to develop short and long-term goals for each child 

Each room has curriculum plans which are individualized for each baby.  The monthly plans are posted for the parents to see.

NFS is very proud of our program and how we take care of the children’s needs and how we work to help the children develop intellectually, physically, socially, while keeping them safe and healthy.