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We offer the following supports:

  • Teen and well-child clinics
  • WIC Medicaid assistance on-site
  • Childbirth education
  • Wellness services relevant to the needs of pregnant and parents teens

Medicine Administered to Baby

You should not leave medicines (over-the-counter such as Tylenol, or prescription medicines) in the childcare room, in diaper bags, vehicles, lockers or classrooms. All medications must be stored during the day in the health office. You must take medicines to the health office where the medicine will remain until the end of the day. You must fill out the medicine form each time a new medicine is brought to school. Medicines must be given to your child in the health office, not in your childcare room.


It is a state law that all children in childcare centers must have up-to-date immunizations. You must bring an up-to-date record of your child’s immunizations to the childcare manager, as well as the health office. The health staff will record those immunizations on the childcare form that is kept there. If an up-to-date record of a child’s immunizations is not in the childcare manager’s files, as well as the health office, a child cannot enroll in or attend NFS Child Development and Parenting Center. If your child is scheduled for his or her immunizations, but this appointment is after your child’s immunization due date, you simply need to give a copy of this appointment to the childcare manager by the immunization due date. This appointment should not be more than one or two weeks past your child’s immunization due date. Once your child receives his or her immunizations, you need to bring the updated shot record to the childcare manager and the health office immediately. In the event a child has been unable to get his/her immunizations, you should talk with the childcare manager and the health office staff.

Sick Children in Childcare

“When my child is ill, I do not bring her to school. I hate it when parents know their kids are sick and bring them anyway.” – Ohnah J.

NFS Child Development and Parenting Center is not licensed to care for ill children. Ill children should remain at home until they feel well enough to participate in childcare activities. Children that have fever the night before, vomiting, or diarrhea, should not be brought to school the next day. Children taking medication that makes them sun sensitive should remain at home or wear sunscreen with a doctor’s approval. The childcare staff cannot provide separate care for a child who cannot play outside.

Based on state requirements for exclusion from childcare due to symptoms of illness, the NFS Health Office and the Childcare Manager make determinations regarding whether a child’s symptoms of illness are significant enough to result in his/her exclusion from childcare.